How to use Spring type Spindle ?

Test your Spindle first 

If your business is a regular size repair store or vendor, it’s actually a bit hard to differentiate a good spring spindle, because it needs the machine to cut it half and the machine to test concentricity, run-out, eccentricity, roundness… but here is a simple way you can judge if it’s spring spindle first – two steps retention force.

The features of spring spindle

Before we try to replace anything, we usually take a look at the specification and want to know if it may cause any side-effect. It applies to replacing spindle as well! The main features of spring spindle are

1. two steps retention force
2. when the spindle breaks eventually, most of the time the bur sticks in the spindle

So, basically if your customers can accept the above features, then spring spindle cost you less in the same warranty situation.


Don’t waste your money  

We understand some people consider the carbide spindles made in Europe are the best. But when you put the carbide spindle into the handpiece like NSK, Star or Midwest, it’s just wasting resource or overkill.

The dentists who use NSK, Star or Midwest handpiece mean they have no problems with the spring spindle.

When you have two spindle choices for both one year warranty, why would you replace the original spring spindle with a more expensive carbide spindle and meanwhile the user doesn’t even know what’s the difference?

MicroP Spindle

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