Spindle Length

What do we mean CPS 11608?

As you can see the below picture, the 116 means the body part of the spindle is 11.6 mm and the 08 means the plunger (push button) is 0.8 mm.

Be Careful ! 

While you measure the plunger length, please make sure if the spindle is holding a bur.
For instance, we let our MicroP spindle holds a testing bur after producing, so the plunger is shorter 0.3 mm.

→ same spindle without bur would become – 11.6 mm 1.1 mm

It’s easy to understand that when part of the plunger is holding the bur, then it becomes shorter.
So, if you would like to customize the spindle, please make sure if it’s holding a bur.

The length info can help you … 

Most of the most, tons of different lengths might bother you a lot.
No worries, here we provide you with an access to see how many models you can use the same length spindle.
It would be much easier to manage your inventory!


MicroP Spindle

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