Easy Releasing System

As the only one in the world adapting press-releasing system with specialized bearing in the back cap, MicroP invents this new way to reduce the distance between spindle and cap, paired with a spring-clam system; This design allows for the easy exchange of burs and puts an end to flying burs.

bur releasing

Non-Notch Design

The fiber rod adapts a flat design imported from Japan.Decreasing the affinity for dust and increasing the irradiation angle;creating excellent visibility for the dentist and a more comfortableexperience for the patient.

4 Nozzle Spray

four angles water spray provide
superior bur-cooling.

Twin Impeller

The twin impeller is the ultimate factor of the turbine’s efficacy. Its accurate compatibility and efficient use of space ensures precise gas guidance and balance between torque and rotational speed.

Multiple Head Size

Three different sized heads (small, medium, Torque) paired with different levels of torque, easily providing a solution for a variety of tooth angle and depth.

head size

Chromium Coating

The entire handpiece is completed with a chromium coating to increase user comfort and friction for anti-skid and anti-scratch purposes.


Warranty & Package Contents

12 months warranty

● Turbine
● Instruction manual
● Lubrication tool



  • Noise Level – 59 ~ 63 dB
  • Water Spray System – 4 port spray form integrated spray chamber for optimum cooling.
  • Water Spray Volume – Above 50ml / min 
  • Operating Pressure – < 3 Bar
  • Speed – 400,000 RPM
  • Chuck – Retention force > 30N, with durable design for longer lifetime
  • Bearings – German ceramic ball bearing
  • Handpiece Body – Chrome coated and anti-scratch material
  • Weight – 60g
  • Head Diameter – Mini 11.2 | Standard 11.2 | Torque 11.8 mm
  • Head Height – Mini 11.4 | Standard 13.1 | Torque 13.4 mm


Operation Manual_MicroP

Operation Manual

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