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  • Product code: ATSP ( EX: CPS10208: 10.2/0.8mm Autochuck/ Spindle)
  • One year warranty
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Spindle Length List
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  • Initial Gripping Power (Retention Force)

Over 5.5 lbf (22 Newton).  Over 8.8 lbf (40 Newton) after touching the tooth.

  • No Shooting Burs

The mechanism of our spindle and chuck assembly guarantees the burs from dropping or shooting into patient’s mouth during dentist’s operating. Patient’s safety is our number one concern when manufacturing the spindle

Gripping Force During Spindle’s Life Time

Gripping force would decrease slightly due to the frequent sterilisation process. We warranty our spindle in working condition for one full calendar year and in most cases, it works well exceeding 1.5 years.


The concentricity of MicroP spindle is within .00059 (OEM measurement). Excellent fabrication ensures not only to mount and to dismount bur smoothly but also to press back cap ultra-lightly.

Additional information

Spindle Length

CPS09505, CPS09508, CPS10005, CPS10008, CPS10205, CPS10208, CPS10405, CPS10408, CPS10605, CPS10608, CPS10805, CPS10808, CPS11005, CPS11008, CPS11205, CPS11208, CPS11305, CPS11308, CPS11405, CPS11408, CPS11605, CPS11608, CPS11805, CPS11808, CPS12005, CPS12008, CPS12105, CPS12108, CPS12305, CPS12308, CPS12405, CPS12408, CPS12505, CPS12508, CPS12605, CPS12608, CPS12705, CPS12708, CPS12805, CPS12808, CPS13005, CPS13008, CPS13205, CPS13208, CPS13505, CPS13508, CPS13805, CPS13808