NSK PanaMax Plus M/ S-Max M500L

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  • Product code: AT21 (NSK-SX-M)
  • Do not provide housing or combo separately due to quality issue
  • Head cap sold separately
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Compatible with NSK handpiece P/N: PanaMax Plus M/ M500L
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  • Includes O-rings, washers, springs, and other hardware as applicable
  • Ceramic bearings for improved performance
  • Precision dynamic-balancing
  • Exceeds ISO standards by 50% for true concentricity to reduce noise and vibration
  • Made with stainless steel and heat-treated auto chuck for superior wear resistance and high-quality rebuilds
  • Bearings meet ABEC 7 standards on critical performance criteria
  • Individually serialised for traceability
  • 1-year warranty for Chuck, and 6-months warranty for bearings


  • Front bearing  ———–  A
  • Rear bearing  ———–  A
  • Inner O-ring  ———–  1,9
  • Outside O-ring  ——–  8,8
  • Gasket  —————-  2 pcs
  • Slinger/ Air dam  —–  Yes

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