Return Policy

Return Policy & Process


MicroP guarantees 12 months for the spindle, and 6 months for ball bearings, on the condition of correct use and maintenance. We require the defective/damaged parts be returned to us for any unusable situations within our warranty. The warranty excludes the abuse, improper assembly, improper maintenance, dropping the handpiece, repeatedly or intentionally extending burs, or any other action inconsistent with the operating instructions…

Notification before you use the rotor

  1. Note the serial number from our package or front of the spindle. The warranty starts counting after we ship out.
  2. Please make sure the shape of handpiece head and head cap are flawless.  
  3. Do not change the place of spindle and impeller in order to let it fit the head cap.All the rotors which have been adjusted privately will not be included in the warranty.
  4. Please make sure the settings of external equipment, device and tool follow the standard.(air pressure, bur…)

When you receive the return

  1. Please make sure the reason is from bearing, spindle or both. 
  2. Please make sure it’s in the warranty. (Bearing 6 months, Spindle 12 months)
  3. Please make sure if there are no scratches on the impeller or housing.
  4. Please make sure if you don’t feel the rough surface when you put the bur inside.
  5. Please make sure you haven’t adjusted the place of spindle and impeller.
  6. Please make sure there is no external damage on the rotor.
  7. Please make sure the impeller and bearing are clean.

Still have Questions?

1.Please fill the following form and send to

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2.Check the shipping information and send the rotors to our factory

  • Company & Address: MicroP Technology (Taiwan), Inc./ No.40, Junghe Tsuen, Minshiung Township, Chiayi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C)
  • Content & Commercial Value: Air Tool Parts/ Value lower than 100USD

3.We will return you a report and the decision of returning a new rotor.